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You might say it all began with a dream.


After teaching her sampler class early in the day, Cissy Rose went home that night and had a dream about a group of quilters organizing to form a quilter's guild. The next time her class met, she suggested just that to the members of her class, and thus was the beginning of the Belle Point Quilter's Guild.


Their organizational meeting was held on April 18, 1984. Present were Billie Carter, Bonnie Turner, Maxine Adney, Kola Fortune, Phyllis Lukas, Flora Mae Doville, and Cissy Rose. Other members included Cindy Dorzab, Judy Sagely, Aundria Carlton, Carolyn McChristian, and Shirley Nicholson. Cissy Rose, Billie Carter, and Bonnie Turner, agreed to be president, secretary, and treasurer respectively.


Names were suggested for the newly formed guild. Cissy's suggestion of Belle Point Quilter's was chosen because of the historical significance to our area. Kola Fortune's design was accepted as the guild logo and was used thereafter for name tags.


At that first meeting they voted to become affiliated with the National Quilting Association. They felt that the NQA would supply them with some initial leadership in the organization of the guild and would help with program ideas and other needs.


They also decided to meet four times a year and held their meetings in member's homes or at Cissy's fabric shop, Yards & Yards. Members were encouraged to bring some "work in progress" to each meeting.


They were soon having so much fun that they decided to meet more often. In fact, it wasn't long before this small group began to attract the attention of others who were interested in learning more about the fascinating art of quilting. We now have over 150 members. Not bad for a small group of twelve with an interest in quilting!

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