Friday, September 30  Yo Yo Obsession 

 Rowena Campbell and Judy Garrett – 

I’m Rowena Campbell. I retired from my paying job in 2000, and I started taking quilting classes and joined BPQG. I have learned a lot about quilting from the members. I started an embroidery business and learned a lot about business and embroidery. I found a yo-yo making kit and decided to try it. Making yo-yos is very relaxing and gives me something to do while watching tv. 

I am Judy Garrett. I spent the night with a friend when I was probably around 14. Her mom had a doily made with yoyos. I came home and tried making some, and when I pulled the thread to make the gather around the top, my thread would always break. I gave up on that idea until another friend showed a yoyo quilt she had bought at an auction. By that time, they had invented yoyo makers and I had better thread. I took pictures of her quilt and went to work. I never dreamed that many years ago I would make a quilt out of yoyos but so glad I did. One more item off my bucket list.

judy and rowena2.jpg