June 24th-25th trip to Missouri Star quilt shops in Hamilton, Mo. 

Cost is $165.00 per person with the bus limited to 56 people. 

VP, Lynn Rausch will start accepting checks at the January meeting. 

This cost includes :


one night’s accommodations,

Are you taking the trip to Hamilton MO?  Here’s some IMPORTANT INFORMATION


Missouri Star Bus Trip-Additional Information

  1. Be courteous; be on time leaving Fort Smith, AR and leaving Hamilton, MO.  FS departure is 3:00 from the Cavanaugh Senior Center, Cavanaugh Road.  Leaving from the bus parking lot in Hamilton, MO 4:00.  Be at the parking lot by 3:45 so I can check everyone in.

  2. For everyone’s comfort, No Perfume please

  3. We’re short $300. This is the drivers tip. I will need $7.00 per person to cover the tip.

  4. Be comfortable.  Comfortable clothes and shoes.  Don’t over pack and bring something to carry all of your purchases in.  You can’t go back to the bus until it’s time to leave.

  5. Tip the maid.  If we each put a couple of dollars on our pillows in the morning, we are going to make someone happy.

  6. Bring snacks to share.  I’ll have water on the bus.

  7. Read a book, do needlework, talk, rest, play games, just respect everyone else.

  8. This trip has come together because the Hotel Hamilton and Dakota especially cut the rates by over $800 so we could come.  I would everyone to bring a small gift to put in the tote bag I bought for Dakota as a thank you for making this possible.  You are not obligated to do this but I believe in re-paying kindness with kindness.  I am giving her 3 knitted washcloths that I made.

  9. It is my understanding that we will have a continental breakfast and check out of the hotel by 8:45 and will then drive to the parking lot and shop until we can’t.  Be prepared to be ready to leave the hotel by that time.  We will load our bags and go to the parking lot, disembark and you are on your own until we leave at 4:00.

  10. We will enjoy dinner on the way up and on the way back.  This is at your own expense.  Location to be determined.

  11. Lunch is on your own in Hamilton, MO.

  12. Think about who you want to share a room with Friday evening.  The suites consist of 5-6 separate beds with two bathrooms in each.  Hair dryers are available if you need one. Plan your morning so everyone is getting ready without waiting.