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Friday September 30, 2022 4:00 PM – Ann McEvoy -

Random Bindings

My first attempt at quilting was at about 4 years old when the county extension club quilt was set up in the farmhouse living room most of the time, and I was very persistent about ‘let me do it also.’ Today, I am not very proficient with a hand needle. I moved on to my mother’s treadle machine before I started first grade (I still own that treadle.). I grew up in the sandhills of Nebraska, was a military wife, moved to Fort Smith in 1979 after short residences in Kansas City and Denver, and went to work temporary-part time for Central Sewing Center until I retired 36 years later.  My obsession with sewing machines allowed me to assist many people choose the best machine for their needs from hobby to business, whether it be a treadle, basic construction machine, serger, quilting machine, or combination sewing/embroidery machine. My demonstration will address utilizing fabric remaining from the creation of your quilt top (or maybe some from your stash) to create a rectangular block of fabric to fold, roll and cut into perfect interesting bias strips.