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Friday September 30, 2022

1:00 PM – Nancy Ewing -

Two-Sided Two-Fabric Binding

My quilting life began circa 2002 when my mother brought me an unfinished Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt top she pieced when she was ten years old (1928). I was thrilled to have it and started trying to find fabrics that coordinated with the flour-sack material she used. I mended and enlarged the top, then underwent hand quilting around every hexagon, finishing in 2006. I joined BPQG in 2012 after being invited to a meeting by my friend Rowena Campbell. I have learned so much since that time; one of the most important is how to walk away for a while if things are not going well with the project. The demo I have is called Two Sided Two Fabric Binding. The technique was shared with me by my friend Karen Ward. It is a perfect binding for a quilt that has very different front from back fabric.

two sided binding.jpg